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The Benefits of Side Sleeping

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Can sleeping position really affect my health? The short answer is...ABSOLUTELY!

Google it. The data is endless. What you won’t find is any real data refuting the benefits of side- sleeping. The only potential drawbacks are shoulder, neck and jaw pain. Why? Because when people aren’t sleeping on a supportive pillow, adjusted to fit their body and mattress density, it doesn’t feel good. Solve the pillow issue, and the optimal sleeping position is yours to enjoy!

We could bore you with gobs of data about the benefits of side-sleeping, but know your time is valuable and most attention spans are short. Colin McIntosh of Sheets and Giggles (a great local bedding company here in Colorado) recently reminded us of the beauty of bullet points.


  • Reduces heartburn

  • Improves digestion & overall gut health

  • Boosts brain health (it’s a nightly cleanse...for your brain)

  • Improves respiration & decreases sleep apnea

  • When done correctly, reduces chronic pain, joint pain & back pain

  • By decreasing disruptions in breathing, side sleeping decreases diabetes, heart attacks & cognitive issues

So, let’s talk about “when done correctly”, because when we are in compromised side-sleeping positions it just feels bad. The Lunara Wellness Pillow™ is a great beginning.

Ideally the following are happening to support your body for ⅓ of every day of your life:

  • Sleep on a mattress that is firm enough to support your body, but not so firm that it will cause undue pressure and hurt your joints.

  • Adjust your pillow to the correct height for your body frame and your mattress density.

  • When your Lunara™ Pillow is at the correct height, your neck and spine will be in a straight line from your head to your hips.

  • Keep your chin in a neutral position, versus tucked or rotated which is hard on the spine.

  • Use a “hugger”. It’s a pillow to place under your top arm to avoid rolling forward, causing stress on your vertebrae and pelvis. This support also keeps your chest open.

  • Place a pillow between your knees (which are slightly bent) to prevent your knees and hips from collapsing and rotating your spine forward.

At Lunara Sleep Solutions, we believe that the more we understand the WHY, the more inspired we are to find the HOW. It’s our commitment to help you live your best life.

Sweet Dreams!

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