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Being a side sleeper, I was used to having to fluff and readjust my pillow every time I switched sides.  With my Lunara™ Pillow I can roll from side to side and my pillow is exactly where I need it to be with no adjustments at all!

- Michael R.

I love this pillow!  I really feel it is the perfect amount of support.  The Goldilocks amount of support 😉.  I’ve also been surprised at how it regulated temperature.  I’ve slept on a number of foam pillows that get hot after a couple of hours and I have to flip or rotate them.  The fact that this pillow stays cool is one of my favorite parts about it.

- Bryan W.

“I am not kidding, this could be life changing for people with head injuries. I find that my body wants to tuck in my chin when sleeping - into a bad position. But this pillow keeps my head in place. Every morning, I used to spend 10 minutes loosening my neck from what I did to it during the night. Now I wake up with it loose and I can already turn without the massage. I can look up and down and I couldn’t normally do that with my previous pillows.

Historically, sleep was so unsatisfying for me, because it was frustrating and uncomfortable. As a stroke survivor, I am in a unique position, and I am so excited to finally have a consistent solution!”

- Susan D.

Dr. David Ward - DC, MS, ATC, CFMP

Colleen C. - Nurse Practitioner Specialist

I typically sleep more elevated, but with the 2” layer and 2 – 1” layers I felt this provided the most relief for my shoulder and neck.  After sleeping on the Lunara Wellness Pillow™ I realized I didn’t need to sleep in an elevated position and could still get the support and pain relief I needed. I usually have to plump and adjust my pillow multiple times throughout the night… no need with this pillow!  I also liked that it felt like there was good airflow through the pillow, so the temperature was just right.

- Melanie R. 

I just LOVE my Lunara™ Wellness Pillow!! I have been using it for the last several weeks and I am sleeping more soundly. I am not moving from side to side throughout the night as I was before using this pillow. I feel more rested in the morning with far fewer aches in my shoulders and back. I am so thankful for this pillow!!!

- Karen B.

I really like that the layers are different thicknesses so you can decide which combination works best for you.  The pillow stays supportive all night with no collapsing at all.  I really like the softness of the layers in the Lunara™ Pillow.  I have tried many memory foam pillows and I find them all to be too firm.  This pillow is both soft and supportive. I also loved the cutout in the pillow.  It allowed my shoulder to tuck into that space and the pillow felt as though it wrapped around the back side of my head to support it. I love this feeling!

- Nancy R.

I am not used to paying much for a pillow, because I am used to getting rid of ours every year or two.   But I love the fact that we can invest once and know this pillow will last us for years to come.   I appreciate the natural latex and washable covers.  This pillow is a great value, providing consistently great sleep every night!

- Kimberly V.

Bryan W.

Larry Roth M.D. - Internist/Geriatrician

I find this pillow to be very comfortable and supportive, and it does not lose it’s shape overnight.  I like the notch for a side sleeper's shoulder.  I think it is really helpful, even for my sleep experience using a C-Pap machine.  I sleep so soundly!

- William K.

This pillow provides adequate and continuous support throughout the night.  I really like the materials of the pillow. The temperature is just right too  - not too hot or too cool.

- Cindy N.

The thing I like best about the Lunara Wellness Pillow™ is the notch in the pillow to support my neck as a side sleeper.  It kept my head consistently supported.

- Don R.

I have been sleeping on down pillows my whole life. I never gave a lot of thought to my pillow, but I would wake up at least once a month with a knot in my neck or shoulders. Since sleeping on the Lunara Wellness Pillow™ that has not happened once!

- Lisa P.

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