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  • Is this pillow just for side sleepers?
    It was originally designed specifically for side sleepers, however, in our product trials with real people, it's reported that many find it to be comfortable on their backs. You can also adjust the layers to a level that works for you in other positions. Back sleepers and stomach sleepers need less height. With the 1+1+2 inch configuration, there are many possibilities for your custom sleep solution.
  • How do I adjust my pillow?
    Watch this quick video to learn more. Begin with the pillow fully assembled (all three layers inside the cover) and lay down on your pillow, on your bed. It's great to a have a friend help you assess if your spine is aligned or if your head is too high or too low. If it's too high, remove a one inch layer and try again until you get to the perfect height. Try it for a few nights at differing heights until you get it just right. When you sleep on a different bed, the density of the mattress may differ. That's the beauty of a truly customizable pillow - different strokes for different folks.
  • How do I wash my pillow?
    Remove the outer cover by unzipping the zipper and removing the layers. Wash the outer cover by hand or in the machine on cold. Hang to dry or dry flat. If needed, the latex and the inner liners can be spot cleaned with a damp sponge. Please don't put the latex in the washer or dryer as it will dry out the natural latex and void the warranty.
  • What if my pillow needs added height?
    No problem! Just order an additional 1 inch layer. The outer cover is made from a 100% Organic Cotton Knit (which means it has some stretch) and can accomodate an additional inch of height.
  • Are there harsh smells or chemicals off-gassing?
    No! And we mean it - No! This is a 100% natural product made from the highest quality materials. You don't need to worry about toxic chemicals or off-gassing. The Lunara™ Wellness Pillow is made from 100% natural latex and organic cotton. No yucky chemicals here!
  • Why 100% Natural Latex?
    Natural latex is made from the milky white liquid which is extracted from the Hevea-Brasilienis tree, better know as the rubber tree. It is sustainably cultivated in plantations in Southeast Asia, (Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia), parts of Africa and South America. Latex is a highly renewable resource and is durable, breathable, dust mite resistant, antimicrobial and provides excellent comfort and support.
  • What does the law label on the Lunara™ Pillow look like?
  • What is your return policy?
    If you purchase the Lunara™ Wellness Pillow and find it's not for you (so sad), we will provide a full refund (excluding return shipping fees). We ask for proof of shipping to us within 30 days of your original purchase. If you love the pillow but find that some component isn't up to snuff, please contact us directly and we will make it right! Email contact:
  • Can I test the Lunara Wellness Pillow before I buy it?
    Unfortunately because it is an on-line bedding product and cannot be re-used, we do not currently have the option of in person trial or sampling. Stay tuned for retail options.
  • Do you ship your pillow everywhere?  And how quickly?
    Currently we are shipping to the Continental US. However if you are not in the continental US please contact us and we can make other arragements to get you your pillow.
  • Where is the Lunara Wellness Pillow made?
    Currently the pillow is made right here in beautiful Colorado! The materials are sourced from Canada and Georgia and India, but they are sewn, fabricated and assembled here in Colorado.
  • Does your pillow fit inside a regular pillowcase?
    Yes, our pillow should fit inside of most regular pillowcases, however we highly recommend purchasing the Lunara™ pillowcase, as it is made to fit the pillow's unique shape. Our customers and product testers all requested a custom case. And, it's made from beautiful, organic cotton sateen for a luxurious sleep experience.
  • Why should I invest in a quality pillow?
    There are so many answers to this question! We spend over 1/3 of our lives on our pillow and our pillows account for up to 30% of our sleep space. If you value your sleep, your comfort and your overall well-being, the quality of your pillow matters. As someone invested in their health, you value a natural, non-toxic, supportive and restful sleep experience. Your pillow has a much bigger impact on your spinal alignment than even your mattress. The Lunara Wellness Pillow is all of these things and more.
  • What if my pillow gets wet?
    Not a problem! Just let your pillow air dry (preferably outdoors in a well ventilated space) or blot it with a clean towel and you should be fine. The natural latex is quick drying and won't loose it's shape or support.
  • What makes the investment worth it?
    Maybe the most valuable aspect of the Lunara™ Wellness Pillow is the comfortable, supported and consistent sleep experience. Our custom design, adjustable layers and removable covers provide versatility that most other pillows don't provide. The 100% natural latex and organic fabrics we use aren't made in sweat shops that mass produce textiles. We are committed to supporting our local vendors and paying fair wages. Because of our committment to such a high quality sleep experience, it costs a bit more up front. Our customers value the experience because they value their health and well-being.
  • Does this pillow get hot at night while sleeping?
    No! The natural properties of latex and the open cell, pin-core structure provide a breathable sleep experience. We don't use any polyester, rayon or other non-breathable fabrics. Organic cotton is an inherently cool sleep surface.
  • Shredded latex pillows are "adjustable", so why do I need the Lunara Wellness Pillow?"
    Shredded latex pillows are adjustable, but the support they provide is inconsistent (at best). When you add and remove the filling to get your "perfect" height, you may start out the night in a comfortable, supported position. As the night goes on, people find themselves repositioning, bunching the pillow up and working to find the comfort they started with. On top of the lacking consistency, adding and removing the filling is messy and inconvenient. Often shredded latex pillows are not filled with truly natural latex. Consumers believe they are getting a "clean" product but end up with polyethelene (plastic) and synthetic latex fillers. Not with our pillow. Integrity is at the core of what we do. The Lunara Wellness Pillow™ is adjustable by layers, so you find the perfect height for your body and mattress density. Where you start out at the beginning of the night is where you will end up in the morning. Completely supported and in proper alignment (while also being soft and comfy).
  • Are these pillows hypoallergenic?
    Yes! They are dust mite and allergy resistant, naturally! Watch for more detailed information on the hypoallergenic nature of the pillow in our upcoming blog.
  • What if I have a latex allergy?  Will this pillow still work for me?
    Scientific studies have found that natural latex in bedding products will NOT cause the same allergic reactions as other latex products found in household or medical products. According to the FDA there have been zero reported cases of allergic reactions to the natural latex used in bedding products. Natural latex used in bedding products goes through a washing process that removes any reaction-related protiens.
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