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Sleep... The Resolution

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

At the end of each year, we take time to reflect on the past and align for the future. When we make resolutions, we literally “resolve to continue good practices, change an undesired trait or behavior and to accomplish a personal goal or other life improvement.”

As we leave 2020 behind (phew) and look 2021 straight in the eyes, what shows up for you?

The top resolutions or intentions are usually in the following categories:

  • Be more productive

  • Achieve inner peace

  • Get organized

  • Eat better and exercise more

  • Improve relationships

  • Make more money

How often, if ever, has your intention for the new year been to SLEEP BETTER?

In general we know what sleep does for us. Because who hasn’t had a bad night of sleep and thought about it all day long as you yawn your way through, waiting for bedtime? And, vice versa - after a great night of sleep feeling like you can conquer even the toughest challenges.

The bottom line is that it has a HUGE impact. As the most underutilized (absolutely free) elixir to better health, improved mood, increased libido and general cure-all, why doesn’t it make the list of our priorities?

What we’ve found is that adults who experience compromised sleep continue in this pattern because of one or more of the following beliefs:

  1. Thinking it’s normal

  2. Resistance to changing habits (screens before bed, alcohol, late nights, etc.)

  3. Not realizing how beneficial great sleep can be

  4. Fear that whatever they try, it won’t work

Having a comfortable, supportive pillow and sleep sanctuary are just a part of this complicated puzzle. It’s also about how we value ourselves and in our 24 hour, scrolling is addictive, path of least resistance world, it’s worth taking a deeper look.

At Lunara™, we’d like to share this amazing, terrifying, insightful TED Talk by Sleep Researcher, Matthew Walker. We’ve watched it with our teens too - because sleep is a critical component to our well-being that seems to have been forgotten as we push ahead with the “more, more, more” mentality. Enjoy...might not be the right word. But hopefully, if something inside of you takes note, it will be the beginning of a resolution that might just save your life.

Sweet Dreams!

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